Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

It is a software application that helps in creating, recreating, viewing, and editing files in PDF format. This software is paid for its premium services also free for trial. It is available for mobile as well as website platforms. It supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Macc. It is developed by Adobe Inc.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC usually edit, review, create, recreate, scan, or print documents into a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Pro scan the files converts them into an editable file. This software can also review and convert images into PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Features:

It converts almost any type of file into PDF. The main features of Adobe Acrobat Pro are listed below:

  • Microsoft Word to PDF, vice-versa.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF, vice-versa.
  • Microsoft Excel to PDF, vice-versa.
  • JPG, PNG to PDF, vice-versa.
  • Reduce the size of PDF.
  • Web Pages into PDF.
  • Print to PDF.
  • Edit or combine files.
  • Crop, Rotate, Record Pages.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Versions:

Adobe Acrobat Pro has three versions.

  1. Acrobat X Pro
  2. Acrobat XI Pro
  3. Acrobat Pro DC

How to convert a file into PDF:

  1. Open the software or application of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Go to the main menu, click on the “File”, select the “Create” option.
  3. In the Create option’s category, select the option “PDF from files”.
  4. After selecting this option, browse the file from your documents that you want to convert into a PDF file.
  5. After selecting the file, you can select multiple files as well, click “Open”.
  6. The process of conversion f that file into a PDF file will be started on your screen.
  7. A new status bar will appear, wait for it to complete this conversion.
  8. Now, your file is converted into a PDF file.
  9. You can save this PDF file.

How to Create an Editable File:

In Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can edit, copy, paste any part, any paragraph of text. You can convert any file into an editable file format by following the below steps.

  1. Open the application or software of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Open a PDF file.
  3. Click on “Edit Text”.
  4. The process will be started.
  5. Now, the PDF file will be converted into an editable file.

How to install Adobe Acrobat Pro on Windows:

  1. Go to the browser and search for Adobe Acrobat Pro download.
  2. Review all the requirements to download this software, click “Get Started”.
  3. Enter your email or Adobe ID and password.
  4. Select the plan, click on “Continue”.
  5. A new page of order confirmation will appear on your screen, click “Get Started”.
  6. Select the option which is applicable to your system.
  7. Follow the instructions according to your browser.
  8. The User Account Panel will appear, click “Yes”.
  9. A new dialogue box will appear on your screen, click “Continue”.
  10. A new browser tab will open on your screen, sign in to your Adobe account.
  11. Choose your skill level, click on “Continue”.
  12. The installation process will start and takes a few couples of minutes.
  13.  After installation, you can use this software for a trial.

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