Rhythm Hive

“Rhythm Hive” is a new rhythm real-time, multiplayer game, published by Superb Corp. It is going to be launched on 28 February 2021. Its name “Rhythm Live” is set because of featuring the music of Big Hit Entertainment. This game will feature the songs and images of the best Big Artists i.e. BTS and Tomorrow x.

Select Music:

When you are playing this game, you can select your favorite music for it to play with more enjoyment.

Modes of Game:

To play this game first of all you have to select the mode in which you want to play. “Rhythm Hive” provides two options for this feature.

  1. Studio:

If you want to play as a single player, you can switch the mode of Studio in the settings of this game.

  1. Live Stage:

If you get bored playing on your own, you can invite your global friends to play with you as the multi-player. For this just go to the settings and switch on the Live Stage mode.

Create Your Stage:

To play as multi-players by using the feature of live stage, you can also play with your chosen friends also with your selected music. Just choose your friends and your favorite music for your stage.

Collective Cards:

The collection of cards is another feature in this game. By getting these cards you can upgrade your performance. While playing this game, you will get many rewards and level-ups and also cards. There are many cards, which you can achieve by experiencing this game. Performance Cards and other premium cards are included.


If you are interested to play the “Rhythm Hive” video game, Go the official website or its application and Pre-Register yourself. When this game will be released, it will automatically install on your device.

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